Twitter in the Elementary Classroom

EduSlam Episode 1: Twitter in the Elementary Classroom : With Karen Lirenman @KLirenman

What is an EduSlam?…

In this short 5 minute episode Karen Lirenman from Vancouver, Canada talks about how she uses Twitter in a grade one classroom. She uses it for math, to interact with authors of books her students are reading, to allow students to explore voice by having them tweet as a character from a book, and to interact with students from other classes. She gives amazing advice on how to make this successful in your class.

Read more about her EduSlam on her blog 

About Karen

Karen Lirenman is a grade one teacher in Surrey, BC, Canada who loves to provide her students with choice in how they learn, show, and share their knowledge.  She engages them globally through video conferencing, twitter, and blogging.  Karen uses technology as seamlessly as possible to make this all happen.

You can read more about the innovative teaching in Karen’s class on her Blog: Learning and Sharing With Ms. Lirenman