The EdTech Challenge with @chadkafka and @kristamoroder

This is the first of a two part series from Chad Kafka and Krista Moroder:

“The Ed Tech Challenge” is a free, self-paced, scaffolded technology integration course for educators. The goal of the course is to improve efficiency and effectiveness through the integration of technology into teaching practices. The main tool used is Google Apps, and the course addresses the NETS for Teachers and personalized learning elements.

The framework for the course is focused on the tasks that teachers are already doing: collaboration, communication, resource acquisition, behavior management, content delivery, and assessment. Each lesson is focused on the digital alternative and how/why that alternative is more efficient and/or effective. The activity for each unit includes instructions, screen capture videos, and templates so that teachers can implement that tool directly into their classrooms.

By signing up as a district, administrators will have access to custom website templates, the survey tool, and personalized learning plans for their teachers.

For a complete overview of the project, watch the video on the front page of the Ed Tech Challenge website: Districts can request resources using the “District Signup” tab.