The Power of Blogging and Quality Comments with Linda Yollis

This will go down as one of our best EduSlams ever! Linda Yollis is one of the best educators Tanya and I have ever met! In this episode, she will talk about how important both blogging and commenting our for our students. She will EduSlam how to teach and reinforce quality commenting skills, how she does it with her class – how she integrates it with her curriculum.

This EduSlam is amazing – don’t miss this one!

Linda Yollis’ Bio:
Elementary teacher in Los Angeles for 27 years
Google Certified Teacher (gtany)
Edublog’s Best Class Blog Winner

Where to find her:
Twitter: @lindayollis

Here are some links to her 2 blogs, a commenting blog post, a commenting video, and her amazing Educational Blogging wiki:
Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog

Yollis’ 365 Project (Daily Digital Documentation)

Edublog’s “Most Influential Blog Post” Winner ~ 2011

How to Teach Commenting Skills post:

How to Teach Commenting Video

Educational Blogging Wiki