How To Get Chromebooks for Your Classroom with @LS_Karl

In this episode, Karl explains how he was able to get devices in his classroom despite funding issues. He started with Donor Choose to do this and now has a class set of Chromebooks. If you have been wondering how you can get devices in your classroom this is the EduSlam for you. His inspiring message is explains the steps he took to make this happen.

Visit Donors Choose.

Karl teaches World History in San Mateo, CA. Visit his class website .

Form Karl’s About. me page

I learn and teach with 9th and 10th graders, mostly about world history. I believe that school should focus on critical thinking and literacy, and my classroom reflects that.

I’m interested in effective technology integration in the classroom. I want my classroom to be as student-centered as possible. I strongly believe that students should be excited about being at school.

I’m a member of the Silicon Valley Computer Using Educators board, an edcampSFBay organizer, a creator and organizer for edcampHome, Playdate San Jose, and the Michigan Flipped Learning Conference, and a creator and moderator of #CAedchat, a Twitter chat for California educators.