If This Than That for Photo Blogging from @davidtedu

David Theriault is an English Literature Teacher, from Southern California, who loves to take risks and meet new people. He has taught AP English Literature, AP English Language and Composition, and other ELA classes for eighteen years. He has also served as the Journalism advisor, Academic Decathlon coach, and he currently coaches various youth sports.

You can see David’s If This Than That (IFTTT) recipe here.


Here is the blog he created to highlight professional development and learning for his whole school.

Here is one of his class IFTTT learning blogs.

You can view his list of accomplishments and awards by visiting his official about me page.

He is also the co-founder of edcampHOME.org the world’s first all-online edcamp for professional development (contact him @davidtEDU to learn more)

He is also a co-founder of @CAedchat the Teacher Twitter chat for the entire state of California. David blogs relentlessly at thereadinessisall.com