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I am the director of Business Development for bContext. I have the pleasure of working with educators and schools across the country, learning about their technology goals and curriculum development, and helping them implement bContext to meet these objectives. Through this process I have learned about many new practices that are emerging from the implementation of iPads in the classroom, these include, digital storytelling, personalized homework help, flipped classes, and teachers sharing lessons with each other. Teachers use bContext as the solution to create as well as manage their recorded lessons, because the app is easy to use and because recorded lessons can be shared instantly. Lessons are also easy to watch on any mobile device or computer (cell phone, iPad, laptop, or PC).

Slam Description

This is a general introduction to bContext, an app that allows teachers to record lessons from an iPad. The app allows the creation of interactive lessons by adding voice, hand notations, and images to static files like powerpoint or pdf.

 Additional Information

Here are a few recordings that were made using bContext by students and teachers across the country: – Teacher who has been using bContext to provide personalized homework help to her students – History teacher who captures and shares her classes with absent students – Recording made by a student in Spanish helping him learn the different intonations of asking and answering questions