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Why You Need A Math Fair with @TechNinjaTodd

  Name: Todd Nesloney Twitter Handle: @TechNinjaTodd Link to your Blog Bio: Todd Nesloney is currently a 5th grade teacher at Fields Store Elementary in Waller, Texas and will be the Principal of Navasota Intermediate in Navasota, TX in the Fall.  He is the TCEA Teacher of the Year for 2014, a White House […]

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AppSmashing and More with @MrBadura

  Name: Craig Badura Twitter Handle: @mrbadura Blog Link to DC Kit Link to #appsmash4 Challenge Link to Empowering Student with District Twitter Account Link to page Bio: I am the pK-12 Integration Specialist for Aurora Public Schools in Aurora, Nebraska.  We are a 1:1 iPad school in grades 6-12 and have […]

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Digital Portfolios in the Primary Classroom with @kathycassidy

Kathy Cassidy has been a pioneer  leading the way with student digital portfolios. In this episode, she discusses how she gets her grade one students to create digital portfolios using edublogs. This practical EduSlam will help you get started on using Student Digital Portfolios with your students! Kathy Cassidy’s Bio: Elementary teacher in Moose Jaw, […]

The Power of Blogging and Quality Comments with Linda Yollis

The Power of Blogging and Quality Comments with Linda Yollis

This will go down as one of our best EduSlams ever! Linda Yollis is one of the best educators Tanya and I have ever met! In this episode, she will talk about how important both blogging and commenting our for our students. She will EduSlam how to teach and reinforce quality commenting skills, how she […]

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Collaborative Writing – Thanks BookCreator! With Carolyn Skibba

In this episode, Carolyn explains how they collaboratively produce an ebook with another class in Iceland.  This is an amazing example of a unit based in  inquiry, collaboration, global learners and iPads. Who is Carolyn Skibba? Since 1999, Carolyn Skibba has served as the technology specialist at Burley School, a public elementary school in Chicago’s […]

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App Speed Dating with @MsMagiera

App Speed Dating with @MsMagiera Episode 18: App Speed Dating with Jennie Magiera In Episode 18 Jennie Magiera discusses how she conducts student led professional development for teachers using app speed dating. Get ideas on how you can use this incredible method for PD with your students and teachers. About Jennie Magiera Jennie is the […]

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Redefining Learning Spaces With Augmented Reality

Episode 17: Redefining Learning Spaces With Augmented Reality In Episode 17 Meg Wilson discusses how Avenues The World School uses Augmented Reality (using Layar App) to transform their school learning environments. She gives examples of how they students are using AR on a day to day that all teachers can use with students in their classes. […]

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Students Voice Through Blogs and Twitter at Leyden High

Episode 12 – Students at Leyden High School Talk About Twitter and Blogs In Episode 12, Jason Markey principal of Leyden High School, with the help of three of his students (Jacob, Marta and Kristina), discuss how they are using social media in their school to promote student voice. The students share four different ideas […]

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Thinking about Thinking with a Flipped Lesson

Episode 11: Thinking About Thinking with a Flipped Lesson In the episode, Lisa Highfill from Pleasanton, California shows us how she gets kids engaged in reading using an amazing hook and  a flipped lesson powered by google forms. This is a true slam that will inspire you to help redefine learning in your classroom. Here […]

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Re-Framing the Blog

Episode Six: David Theriault In this episode, David Theriault from Huntington Beach, CA explains how Blogging is completely transforming his classroom and has changed his life. In the program, he brings both Tanya and Holly to tears as he discusses how he is making a change in the lives of his students. David Theriault’s Google […]