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Google Cultural Institute with Bill Selak @billsalek The Google Cultural Institute brings together millions of artifacts from multiple partners, with the stories that bring them to life, in a virtual museum. About Bill : As an educator, Bill uses technology to shape the experience of each of his students. He teaches second grade, and is an  instructor at Azusa Pacific University in the […]

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Using Stories in the Math Classroom with @RafranzDavis

Rafranz joined Arlington ISD as a member of the Instructional Technology Department August 2013. Prior to arriving in Arlington, Rafranz spent 7 years teaching secondary math with last year serving as a high school math strategist. Rafranz is a SMART Exemplary Educator, Discovery Education Network Star Educator and also serves on the DEN Leadership Council. Her passions include sparking interest […]

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Collaborative Writing – Thanks BookCreator! With Carolyn Skibba

In this episode, Carolyn explains how they collaboratively produce an ebook with another class in Iceland.  This is an amazing example of a unit based in  inquiry, collaboration, global learners and iPads. Who is Carolyn Skibba? Since 1999, Carolyn Skibba has served as the technology specialist at Burley School, a public elementary school in Chicago’s […]

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App Speed Dating with @MsMagiera

App Speed Dating with @MsMagiera Episode 18: App Speed Dating with Jennie Magiera In Episode 18 Jennie Magiera discusses how she conducts student led professional development for teachers using app speed dating. Get ideas on how you can use this incredible method for PD with your students and teachers. About Jennie Magiera Jennie is the […]

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Redefining Learning Spaces With Augmented Reality

Episode 17: Redefining Learning Spaces With Augmented Reality In Episode 17 Meg Wilson discusses how Avenues The World School uses Augmented Reality (using Layar App) to transform their school learning environments. She gives examples of how they students are using AR on a day to day that all teachers can use with students in their classes. […]

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Explain Everything and Evernote as a Solution to Shared iPads

Episode 16: Explain Everything and Evernote as a Solution to Shared iPads In this episode Reshan Richards, an ADE 2013, and creator of Explain Everything shows how to use both EE and Evernote to help students using shared iPads .  He shows us  how to overcome a challenge of collecting and curating information from an […]

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Crowdsource Leadership with Student Genius Bars

Episode 15 – Crowdsource Leadership with Student Genius Bars In Episode 15 Jennie Magiera discusses how she crowdsources student leadership to increase student agency. She gives practical examples on how you can get started with your class. This EduSlam is a great example to show at a staff meeting or during a PD event when […]

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QR Code Price is Right With @MsMagiera

Episode 13 – QR Code Price is Right With @MsMagiera In Episode 13 Jennie Magiera explains the process for how she gets her students to play QR price is right. This activity allows the students to scan objects in the class using spreadsheets to compare prices and budgets. She has the students create cost comparisons […]

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Episode 14 – Adam Bellow and EduClipper On this Episode Adam Bellow from NY talks about his amazing new collaborative tool This amazing tools lets kids curate information alone or together in a group, where it can be shared with others including the teacher. The teacher can see the process of collection and help […]

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Thinking about Thinking with a Flipped Lesson

Episode 11: Thinking About Thinking with a Flipped Lesson In the episode, Lisa Highfill from Pleasanton, California shows us how she gets kids engaged in reading using an amazing hook and  a flipped lesson powered by google forms. This is a true slam that will inspire you to help redefine learning in your classroom. Here […]